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They are all the same issue has been from the start. Never had a problem
until changing from Samsung TV to Toshiba TV. that is when it started. In
one of my bug reports I pointed that out and gave the model # and other
information about this TV. It is a Fire TV I purchased from Amazon, I use
HDMI, and agin it has only occurred with the TV model. Don't have a clue
why, though sending bug reports after each update to Yakuake would be the
fix, but no , it has remained an issue. I also took a screenshot if it can
be found of what I am talking about? Don't know if it is there or not but
can get another if desired. What ever I an supply I will do my darn best to
help you guys out. I hold no bias against any of you. you are overworked
and under paid that is just the facts of the matter. No matter what you
decide I can adjust. Just let me know. I do not know how to summit a patch,
I am a Nurse? Sorry not much I think I can do there, unless you provide me
good instructions on how to do it. I will try hard.

Please have a great weekend, I am fine doing what I am doing to get it to

Gregory Ernest RN,BSN

On Fri, Feb 14, 2020 at 4:45 PM Nate Graham <>

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> Thanks!
> You don't need to a file a new bug asking us to fix other bugs. :)
> Looks like Bug 416090 and Bug 413003 are already fixed, so I assume the
> issue
> you were referring to was Bug 415184.
> As you have probably noticed, Yakuake development is not very active right
> now.
> Would you be interested in submitting a patch to fix the issue?
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