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            Summary|gwenview very slow to       |Gwenview very slow to
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--- Comment #16 from Nate Graham <> ---
I share your suspicion that KDE Connect has something to do with it. IN fact, I
can confirm it!

I just copied a URL to an image on my phone, grabbed it off the synced
clipboard on my computer, downloaded the image, and opened it in Gwenview,
which hung. While it was still hung, I opened the klipper applet in the system
tray and deleted the clipboard entry for the URL. Immediately Gwenview sprang
to life.

I was not able to reproduce the issue by adding that same URL to the clipboard
on the host machine, but I then reproduced the issue by copying any other text
on my phone (not even a URL, just ordinary text) while using a synced
clipboard. As long as the top item in the host clipboard came from KDE Connect,
Gwenview hung on launch. The moment I deleted the KDEConnect-originated issue,
Gwenview launched instantly.

KDE Connect folks (CC'd), any ideas?

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