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Workgroup:  - Raspberry PI:   - LIBREELEC1:  - SHAREDFOLDERS...
                - notebooks Clients with Windows 7, Linux Mint XFce 19.3,
Manjaro KDE 18

There isn't Linux Samba server.
I agree, problem could be in libsmbclient or another library.

> Od: "Harald Sitter" <>
> Komu:
> Datum: 25.03.2020 10:31
> Předmět: [kio-extras] [Bug 419038] internal not specified error in 
> libsmbclient in Network SMB search

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 Can you provide a guide on how to setup two workgroups like you have? What are
 the servers, how are the configured and so forth?

 From the output you posted I doubt this is a problem with KIO though, but
 rather with libsmbclient (maintained by samba team). What appears to happen is
 that we ask libsmbclient to browse the workgroup and the library fails to do
 some coming back with an unspecified error. It's a very strange problem.

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