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> 2. I switch to another tty an run another user xorg with kodi
> 3. I exit kodi on tty2 and the shell automatically logs out.
The bug occurs not only when kodi is used. It appears always when the display
is switched to any virtual terminal.

> Just use proper means to switch the session (that is *not* Ctrl+Alt+F key)
Please explain why CTRL-ALT-Fx is not a proper way to switch virtual terminals.
This has been the primary way to switch terminals since the very first versions
of linux.

> and it will lock the session properly before switching.
No, it won't! The problem occurs even when using the "Switch user" or the "New
Session" functionalities.

> I don't really know what we can do about it. If X does not notify
> us, it doesn't notify us. Not much we can do about it.
It works fine with gdm, and it worked fine with kde4. Thus, there must be some
way to get those notifications.

I can reproduce the problem with opensuse-15.1 and ubuntu-18.04.

Problem does appear with sddm, lightdm and kdm

Problem does not seem to appear with gdm and xfce

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