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> >Any comments on this?
> Firstly, thanks for the research.  It's very appreciated.

Thanks for your sign of life :-)

It's reassuring to see that this doesn't fall on deaf ears.:-)

> I'm normally quite reluctant on anything replacing one bug for another, this
> is the first report on this and the GTK code hasn't changed in a long time.
> The other report this was fixing has several. 

Well, the thing is this behavior has been around for quite a while, but it was
hard to pinpoint it on a specific component. KDE, Firefox and GTK were throwing
the ball to each other...

Focus management bugs have been reported to the KDE bugtracker since at least
2004 (not the same bug, but same category), and most often only with lukewarm
success, unfortunately. Thus, "recent bug report" does not necessarily mean
"recent problem". It could have been lurking quite a while, and only have
become more frequent / more annoying due to timing and performance changes
elsewhere. It's a race condition bug after all.

But, if push comes to shove, and indeed more than just Java applications will
be broken by this, maybe we could make the behavior configurable by application
by using the "Special Window Settings" and "Special Application Settings"

> On the other hand being spec compliant is important.


> Just wanted to say, we have read this, we'll get back to you.

Thanks for the reassuring words.

I do have a patch by now (literally a 3 liner...), is it useful to attach it
here, or must I get through the whole dance of setting up a complete
kdesrc-build environment and submit a merge request? :-)

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