--- Comment #11 from Martin Dratva <> ---
I am not sure if I understand here correctly. 
I have checked details on this and according to this documentation:
FreeDesktop Notifications should be working on my desktop correctly.
I have libnotify and Cinnamon should support that out of the box.
I can confirm that it indeed works when I do:
notify-send 'Hello world!'
I do get an notification, Works fine. I also get notifications from other apps
regularly. But according to the linked specification on Gnome site it is simple
notification and I have never seen one to display progress bar. Should the
progress bar be displayed in that notification? Has Krusader switched to such a
notification instead of it's own window? Because as I wrote above, I get the
window, just not as a separate one. 
I apologize for the confusion, but I am trying to figure what to ask at my
DE/Distro forums, because I think that FreeDesktop Notifications work just fine
on my computer.

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