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--- Comment #14 from Stefan Brüns <> ---
So, going through your complaints ...

> 1/ So even this simple process does not work properly because I get error 
> that the command cannot be found. I assume we agree this a bug?

Obviously not a bug, you spelled it wrong, and it notifies you about it.

5/ I also consider it a bug that the purge command despite not terminating then
goes on to, I assume, display to the terminal what is being indexed.

What makes you think the *command* has not completed? When you start a program
from the command line, its output is directed to the terminal. That is standard
behavior, not a bug.

For me, the "balooctl purge" commands completes immediately when baloo is idle,
and after a few seconds when it is currently busy.

You still have not listed any specific files which should be indexed and are
not. You do not provide the paths of files not indexed, you do not provide the
files itself. The config file without any context is pointless.

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