Bug ID: 423538
           Summary: cache directory thumbnails
           Product: kio-extras
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: Other
                OS: Linux
            Status: REPORTED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: Thumbnails and previews
  Target Milestone: ---

Directory thumbs are a composite of thumbnails of content within that
directory. The content thumbs are already cached so that's cool. But the
composite appears to get generated over and over again even when its content
hasn't changed. This could be improved somewhat easily...

- cache the composite with a bit of proprietary attribute since the spec has no
useful existing [1]. X-KDE::DirParts or somesuch, a comma separated list of
md5sums of thumbnails comprising the composite

- on thumbnail attempts (if cache for dir exists):
-- load cache
-- read DirParts attribute
-- iterate directory
-- foreach dirent
---- createThumbOrLoadFromCache
----- is md5 NOT in DirParts -> invalidate dir cache and re-composite
-- if selected md5s.count < DirParts.count re-composite (e.g. previewable
content went from 4 to 3)

This would then mean that dir previews do not change unless the underlying
parts change.


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