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I am not entirely sure whether this is the same issue, but the
usr.bin.akonadiserver (as well as mysqld_akonadi) AppArmor profile is broken
with MariaDB 10.5.x.

Apparently, 10.5.x renamed all paths and executables to be mariadb-branded
while the mysql versions are now symlinks (I believe the inverse was true up to
10.4.x); which messes up the Akonadi AA profiles pretty thoroughly, since AA
works with paths and seems to (sensibly) always follow links for permission

Relevant MariaDB (server) PR:

This would (at least in my case) result in EACCES when trying to start the
database server:
org.kde.pim.akonadiserver: process error: "execvp: Permission denied"

This can be worked around by disabling AA for akonadi (sudo aa-disable

This is on Arch Linux with Applications 20.08.0-1, Frameworks 5.73.0-1, Qt
5.15.0-4 and MariaDB 10.5.5-2.

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