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Thank you,, for this excellent bug report/feature request.

1) In Dolphin, if the folder is listed under "Places", folder size is viewable
by clicking on the folder in "Places". This functionality ought to be ported to
the folders themselves. We should be able to hover the mouse and see folder
size/number of files. This would not require much coding or resources.

It might also be helpful if, for example, empty folders were indicated with a
slightly different appearance/colour tone. T

2) Being able to sort files by date downloaded/ created on the computer is an
excellent suggestion. This commonly used functionality is available in M$ft, it
ought to be available in Dolphin.

GNU+Linux keeps logs, these could perhaps be used as a basis for a "Created"
column. Some KDE applications, for example Digikam, already handle "Date
Created" for photo files, and have done for some time, so code is already

I hope that both these bugs are fixed. They are expected features in a file
manager, as far as I am concerned.

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