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> Created attachment 100393 [details]
> kaffeine --debug output
> I can confirm the bug on Kaffeine 2.0.4 (Debian Sid).
> Note also that the subtitle selection button doesn’t appear in the bottom
> bar. I can select the subtitles via the context menu but nothing happens.
> The selected channel has 3 audio tracks and 2 subtitle tracks.

I'll have to look deeper to discover why it is not using the subtitle tracks.
Right now, I can't reproduce this bug.

Could you please record me 2 minutes of such stream with multiple subtitle
tracks, using dvbv5-zap?

The dvbv5 syntax to record the full MPEG-TS is:

dvbv5-zap -c channels.conf "channel name" -P -r out.m2t -t 120

where channels.conf is a scan file previouly created with dvbv5-scan, and
"channel name" is the name of the channel you're recording.

Such file will be big, so you'll need to place on dropbox (or similar) and send
me the link to download. Feel free to send me in priv, via e-mail.

With the file in hands, I can use my RF generator to reproduce the issue. I'll
also need the channels.conf and the name of the channel you're using, in order
to setup the RF generator to the same modulation parameters.

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