--- Comment #31 from Peter Maydell <> ---
If your JIT architecture doesn't permit a QEMU-style approach I would be
tempted to go with "implement SETEND to throw away JITted code and print a
warning about poor performance". At the moment people trying to valgrind code
that uses it find valgrind doesn't run their code at all, which you could
define as infinitely slow :-)

Alternatively, if valgrind could do a redirection of memcmp() in the offending
.so file to its own implementation (the way it already does for a bunch of
other functions) that would be a very raspi-specific hack but would cover 90%+
of the complaints I suspect (and you could combine this with the slow-SETEND
implementation to handle the last 10%).

I don't have a raspi though so this is all just commentary from the peanut

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