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I don't know if this is the exact same bug, but : on Plasma 5.8 beta, the
plasma tooltips have a weird behavior. i'll try to explain : 

Smooth transition works now on Wayland, BUT there is one thing wrong : they
"remember" the last position of the tooltip when they shouldn't. 

I mean : if you hover the mouse pointer on the clock in the systray for
example, the tooltip shows the time and date, which is fine. Then if you move
your pointer away, the tooltip disappears, which is good.

But now, if you move the pointer to another element of the panel, a launcher
(icon) for example, this is where the weird thing happens : on X11, the tooltip
appears on the icon, which is the expected behavior. But on Wayland, the
tooltip remembers last time it was on the clock, and then, it slides from the
clock to the icon (unexpected behavior). The tooltip should just appear on the
icon like it does on X11 instead of sliding from the last element.

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