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Yes, but the problem only came about with 3.0.1. 3.0 works perfectly. Something
changed in Krita that's causing the skipping. The tablet and pen work fine in
all other apps I've tested them in, such as GIMP. It's only in Krita 3.0.1 that
there's a problem, so something in the way that Krita handles events in its
latest version is creating the issue.

Aside from breaking the lock when moving the pen to the other monitor, the lock
is also broken if another app is brought into focus on the same monitor, so as
long as Krita is in focus, it keeps the pen locked up for around five seconds
before releasing it. What changed in Krita's handling of pen events between
versions that might cause this? If I file this with the Awesome team, they may
not have the equipment to test it. If the problem is on their end, then I need
to be able to point them in the right direction. As it is, Krita seems to be
doing something different from all other apps, and I fear they may kick the bug
back to you.

I'm a developer, though not very experienced with C++, which I assume Krita is
written in, but I'd be happy to look into the bug further if I knew where to

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