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Mi Maik,

That is maybe a glue. I use the experimental feature write meta data to raw
To compare it I have made a new picture and imported it into digikam and did
nothing else. But the result was the same.

To give you more files to test I have uploaded to the GMX cloud some more raw
files which all show only the small embedded preview in digikam:
E-M5_no-Meta-write.ORF -> the virgin raw file mentioned above
E-M5_old_firmware_Meta-written.ORF -> one of the first pictures I've made with
this camera. Firmware is the original one. Meta was written.
E-510_Meta-written.orf -> a file from my old E-510 camera with meta data
E-420_Meta-written.ORF -> a file from my wifes old E-420 camera with meta data


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