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so the command instructs evince to open on the specified page and
highlight/move to the first occurrence of the word


              Open the document on the page  with  the  specified  page  index
              (this is the exact page number, not a page label).

              You  can  pass  a word or phrase here. If it exists, evince will
              display the document and the first match.

the actual command "evince --page-index=%p --find=%s %f" is copied from
recoll (
in "user preferences"-> "choose editor applications" i can use okular here,
but cannot get the same functionality which is very important (i have had
to install evince for this single use case!)

since you have documentation and application (evince) to benchmark, I
assume this is clear?


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> This is my first Bug. I want more info for this bug.
> 1. I implement find Arg and read it "--find <string>". What do you mean
> with
> --page-index?
> 2. I don't understand what should i do with page Arg. Should I highlight
> search
> only or force to first selected word.
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