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--- Comment #3 from Eike Hein <> ---
This is because Kicker uses a custom compact representation that uses an Image
instead of an IconItem when asked to display a custom button image, because
IconItem does not support non-square images. To fix it it would need a custom
tooltip delegate as well, which would then predictably go out of sync with the
standard one eventually, causing different visual issues.

I seem to vaguely recall another tooltip-related(?) problem due to the custom
compact repr that I talked about with Marco, and I think we determined the only
way to fix it was to move the TooltipArea into the custom repr, but I don't
really recall what it was anymore. Maybe it was Kicker not using the Widget
Explorer applet icon as tooltip icon, as we tried in the standard delegate for
a while (but then abandoned), although I don't see how that would break. Or it
was something related to mouse state. I think we noticed it with App Dash.
Anyways ...

The only fix to this is currently to ugly to implement, so it's a WONTFIX
unless that situation changes.

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