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In addition I don't know if the following is useful in helping to triage this
issue but after booting the 4.7 kernel and entering the login details at the
sddm greeter, there is the usual 30 seconds or so hang time with the splash on
the screen eventually timing out and giving just a desktop background image -
at that point I can use right click to unlock the widgets on the desktop, and
add a new default panel which displays and works correctly. If at that point I
logout and then log back in, then the splash screen hangs for the same extended
period, and when it disappears the panel that I added after the previous login
is no longer displayed but is again just a desktop background image with no
panel on the screen.  However, if I then log out using right click and
selecting to leave plasma, and downgrade the kernel back to 4.6, which was
previously working, and log back in to plasma, that works successfully again,
and the desktop does then show the panel that I added when I had booted kernel
4.7 - which I can then remove and the original panel is also there and working
as normal!

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