Bug ID: 368966
           Summary: Password decryption from mailtransports
           Product: kmail2
           Version: 4.14.1
          Platform: Debian stable
                OS: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: misc

Version of Kmail now: 4.14.1
Version of KDE now: 4.14.2

I need help after doing an upgrade from Debian Wheezy to Debien Jessie.

Upgrade went through without showing problems.

After starting Kmail for the first time I was asking for passwords to all of my
accounts. Opps.

Ok, I went through this. All ok. Really?


One password of an very old mailaccount by GMX wasn't accepted (but I was
receiving mails daily from this account, so it was working). I tried it several
times, but I can't connected to my account. I think, I saved not the last
password in my files. My fault. :-(

I looked around to find a file in my saved files before upgrading, which
contains the passwords. The only file I found was mailtransports. In this file
(for the SMTP) are all my passwords, but not to read, because encrypted. The
part in this file for my GMX-Account contains it too, but not in the migrated
file. The new file contains no area for the passwords.

I have no chance to rebuild a new passwort by GMX, because this account is old
and I have to pay money to GMX while I am calling then with a

So I asking for a helping hand how I am able to decrypt my password from the
file mailtransport.

My searches in internet have had results, but all this results were old than 3
years. Nothing of the tipps and scripts give the right answers to my problem.

How can I handle this? How can I decrypt my password?

BTW: Sorry for my bad English. I hope you are able to understand my problem.

Reproducible: Didn't try

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