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(In reply to Alex Bikadorov from comment #10)
> Heck! Everything I tested (Okular, Gwenview, Clementine, ...) works just
> fine.
> @Till 
> What is the program you have problems with?
if have tried it with okular, kate and above described custom shell script 
-> so at least here it is independent of the type of application.

> @Davide
> what do we do (as fallback)?:
> 1. classic approach, one instance for each argument: <app> <file1> ; <app>
> <file2>
> 2. do not care if the application can't handle multiple files: <app> <file1>
> <file2>
> A shell script is an example where we can't know if its supports multiple
> files or not, but we should expect it, so I prefer (2)

i also prefer (2) in most cases. However, may (2) cause trouble for some
applications in addition to just not opening the file correctly? I.e. if a
second parameter is an output file? Though, I cannot find an example of such a
case. Do you know what Dolphin is doing?

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