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--- Comment #4 from Ivan Čukić <> ---

Activities in the switcher are ordered by the most recently used - and that
will not change (at least when the default switcher is concerned).

There were some ideas of allowing the users to group activities, and to create
sub-activities - to have the related ones grouped, but it was decided it would
be an overkill. Activities are meant for macro-management of user's work, and
micro-managing them seems like a 1% use-case.

> Most modern software allows the user to re-position or re-order key 
> user-interface
> elements according to their preference. For example, nearly every e-mail app 
> allows
> users to customise the order in which folders belonging

Yes, people tend to have a few dozen mail folders. And sub-folders in them. And
this requires being able to reorder them to keep the organization sane.

If you have a few dozen running activities, you are doing something unorthodox
(not to say wrong).

The 'unorthodox' use-cases do not warrant creating a complex mechanism (and the
overhead it would produce) of syncing the order in all the different places.

If you want to have grouped activities - or related as you have put it - you
can prefix their names with the name of the thing that makes them related.
Something like:

 "KDE > Localization"
 "KDE > Development"

It will have the benefit that you get all kde-related activities in the
switcher just by typing 'kde', and in the alphabetical-ordered lists, they will
appear together.

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