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I'd have to figure out how to start a debugging session in lldb-mi manually, in
order to check this correctly :)
But: did you ever notice how starting the debugger on a C++ app using KDE or Qt
takes so much longer than starting it on a simple C app? That's because it has
to scan through many more libraries containing many more and considerably more
complex types. Maybe not all that scanned information is cached, but a good
part is. It seems a bit weird that it would let the process image reach 6Gb but
then there are so many different kinds of memory footprint nowadays, some of
which are purely virtual (with overcommit and all) that I don't trust myself to
notice the one that corresponds to actual memory use when the system is being

FWIW, I've the kernel overcommit parameter set to 2 on my system, but that
shouldn't affect the amount of memories applications request nor increase the
amount they actually get.

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