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Sorry guy to answer frankly without waiting, but your theories about FLOSS devs
in general & kdenlive in particular are getting on my nerves. There might be
some real things, but so many at the opposite of all our efforts, it's really
disappointing to read that.
All versions (expect 15.04 that we warned against) were usable for at least
basic work by many people, I'm not convinced that 16.04.3 is so special.
If you want to downgade, use your distribution package, and not our "amateur"
I'm really demotivated to take on my family/sleep time to offer you the help
you ask so inefficiently.
Your *technical* problem seems to be 1) a user setup problem (try setting up a
new test user sometimes to have a blank config) 2) a distribution/packaging
Then there are organization problems (don't switch your work config while in an
urgent process, test on side config), etc.

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