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Oh, no, another one of those developers who are convinced that KDE is their
property and shakes off a suggestion he's not interested in with a “sloppy”
answer... "disqualifyied"? Where and who do you think you are, the teacher at
the kindergarten? Please, stop playing roles and be sincere: «I'm not
insterested at all in such a silly feature, and not going to lose a second with
it. You, mortal users, just cope with my will as long as you are my dominions,
KDE land».
Then you go and, without the slightest blushing, ask the users to collaborate
in triaging bugs, suggesting ideas, donating money... Shameful.

Well, enjoy your insignificant “triumph” if that makes you feel happier. I just
hope that if any other developer, less puerile, sees this, even if in years,
perhaps will take it as seriously and respectfully as a suggestion that would
clearly improve the usability a lot deserves.


P.D: A reflexion in case some other “powerful” KDE members would read this: KDE
seriously needs some mechanisms to control these "autocratic" developers, if we
really want KDE to be a real community; if not, well, ok, but the stop
advertising it as a “community” of developers and users.

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