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Hi Vincent,

Today please post Kdenlive Version 16.04.3 back up on the Synaptic Package
Manager for Xubuntu. 

As I indicated above, 

As I presume you are aware, the Synaptic Package Manager for Xubuntu no longer
has Kdenlive Version 16.04.3. Instead it currently has  Kdenlive Version


I would like to reinstall Kdenlive Version 16.04.3 from the Synaptic Package
Manager for Xubuntu because I have failed many times over the last few months
to install a usable version of Kdenlive using the Terminal such as,

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kdenlive/kdenlive-stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install kdenlive

In the meantime, I welcome you to re-read this entire thread and engage me in a
reasonable discourse.

Perhaps in the future I'll add your heartfelt plea to my anthology of
lamentations entitled, "Ode to the Misunderstood FOSS Developer... who wantonly
violates standard good software engineering practices, ignores or deflects
reasonable requests, and then threatens to 'take his marbles and go home' if
his nonsensical requests aren't met."

99% of FOSS is pathetic and barely used because self-indulgent and/or
incompetent Midnight Engineers follow their own myopic version of what is "good
software." I expect you realize that actual standards for good software do
exist. They have not been canonized and they certainly vary, but they tend to
share many tenets including allowing users to return to a previously known
"working state" which, of course, subsumes concepts like allowing users to
downgrade an application at their request. If you would like me to dig up some
of these standards for you, I will be glad to.

I am trying to ensure Kdenlive is not stuck the muck and mire of the 99%
category of FOSS— mentioned in the preceding paragraph— but instead is counted
among those applications in the lofty 1% category. I suggest you stop
complaining and instead "step up your game" so that you can become a better



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