--- Comment #6 from YEK <> ---
I suppose you carefully considered your remarkably clever rebuttal by asking
yourself, "Why should I argue reasonably when I can trot out a trite aphorism
to use as a straw man instead?" Bravo! I also received an unreasonable response
from Vincent Pinon in another one of the bug reports I submitted regarding
Kdenlive. I suppose that, oh, hold on, let me see, I think I will Google
something clever. Hold on a few minutes. Oh yes. Here you go, "Birds of a
feather flock together."

You have failed to genuinely argue with me. Instead you gave yourself the
pleasure of pontificating nonsensically. Assuming you are a coder, if you code
the way you argue, that would help to explain the numerous bugs and glitches I
have encountered in Kdenlive.

Now. Let's try again. Shall we? I responded lucidly and carefully to your
initial comment. The onus is upon you to respond in kind.

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