--- Comment #3 from Evert Vorster <> ---
Wegwerf, please look at the video I attached to the ticket. 

As you can see, I am using proxies, at a very low resolution. When encountering
a deep effects stack, the preview window performance slows down unacceptably. 

Changing nothing but the project resolution, the preview window now performs
acceptably. This means that the preview window can be sped up massively by
being tricked into using the proxy resolution rather than the project
resolution, and this is my suggestion. ( And an old one at that, however, this
is not what this ticket is about. )

In order for me to get some reasonable performance out of my system, I set
project resolution to be the same as my proxy resolution, and then do all my
edits, and then set it back to my desired output resolution before rendering. 

In changing the project resolution, I found it cumbersome to keep changing to a
resolution that is not on the short list. I would like a way to pick my
favorite resolutions from the list of resolutions that are already defined.
That is what this ticket is about. 

Kind regards,

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