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I'm seeing this too with 16.08.1 when launching konsole from the revelation
password manager as one of its "goto commands". Konsole will work just fine
until I launch an ssh session from revelation (which runs konsole -e "ssh -l
username hostname"), konsole opens the ssh session just fine but from then on
every time I select konsole from the menu, or from the run bar, it launches the
ssh command and not a shell. I have to restart plasma to get functionality back

Interestingly there also appears to be an issue with the handling of the -e
argument, the help details "Command to execute. This option will catch all
following arguments, so use it as the last option." however this appears to no
longer be the case: ~ $ konsole -e ssh -l username hostname.tld
Unknown option 'l'.

I had to add double quotes around the ssh part of the call, and when this was
done konsole started exhibiting the behaviour detailed above.

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