Bug ID: 369115
           Summary: Printing pages from pdfs sometimes gives low res
                    results (and greyscale printing option ignored)
           Product: okular
           Version: 0.24.0
          Platform: Kubuntu Packages
                OS: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: printing

If I print a pdf document from okular some pages it prints have low resolution
that makes the text hard to read whereas some pages from the same document
print fine with sharp, crisp text.
Two of the pages have obvious printing errors when printed with okular: one has
a compressed band where the text is 1/2 height, one has the top 1/3rd of one
line of text missing.  Again they print perfectly without okular.

This appears to start when I changed from Kubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 so may be a
recent problem.

Since all the printer drivers etc changed at the same time I've tinkered with
the printing subsystem and this appears to be fine - radically different
printer drivers don't change the problem and print test pages are always good.

I couldn't get acroread to work in 16.04 but I installed evince and this
produces perfect print regardless of the presence of colour. The colour images
in these pages printed using evince are also obviously sharper. Printing
directly using lpr is also sharp.

My guess is I've got 600dpi on good pages and <150DPI in bad - on my current
document I'm printing >50% of the pages are blurry. 

I've tried the "greyscale" option in the print dialog but this produces the
same result - low res colour pages. I tried "force rasterization" and the same
result. Zooming the text on the screen always gives sharp results regardless of

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
Print colour pages from okular and you get low res prints

Actual Results:  
Low res colour pages

Expected Results:  
printing resolution should be independent of the presence of colour.

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