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I tend to agree, except for two things.
First, creating a new connection manually is (surprisingly) difficult. The nm
applet provides no way to copy the SSID, and the new connection editor doesn't
allow to select the visible ones either. One would have to scan networks using
command line (and it's not obvious how to do it) and copy the SSID from there.
Second (this may be a separate problem), I can't see any upsides of using real
MAC on hardware that supports changing it. As a consequence, the non-technical
user will not know that the software gives away some identifying information
about them, and that they have a choice for not disclosing the information by
using random MAC.

Given that there is no convenient graphical tool for technical users, I don't
think it's unreasonable to target the technical ones to some extent.
Perhaps attacking the user with a full dialog is a bad idea, but clicking the
network name already shows very technical information. Perhaps that's an area
that could be used to let the user indicate the need to configure network
before connecting?

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