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Your workaround also works for me.  Kudos!!!! :-)
Using OpenSuse Leap 42.1 and Plasma 5.5.5

(In reply to unknown32768 from comment #29)
> Today it finally occurred to me to just mess with relevant-seeming settings,
> looking for a workaround. In the Yakuake configuration under Window, turning
> off "Ask the window manager to perform the animation" seemed to prevent the
> issue at first, but I could still trigger it occasionally if I spammed the
> toggle key as fast as I can (tensing my arm isometrically so it shakes at
> around 10 Hz). Note that I had the duration set to 100 or 150 at different
> times. Then I set the duration to 0, but that just makes KDE do a fade
> effect by default. So I also disabled Fade under Desktop Effects in KDE's
> System Settings, and I am now completely unable to trigger the bug. Maybe it
> fixes the shortcut problems too, I hadn't ever noticed that one so I
> couldn't say.

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