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it really works when you tell growisofs -M the correct -C values
which match the ones computed by growisofs.

Session 1:

  genisoimage -R file1 | \
  growisofs -Z /dev/sr4=/dev/fd/0

The ISO has a size of 176 blocks. growisofs would next round up to
integer multiples of 16. That still yields 176.
So i use -C 0,176 in Session 2:

  genisoimage -M /dev/sr4 -C 0,176 -R file2 | \
  growisofs -C 0,176 -M /dev/sr4=/dev/fd/0

growisofs agreed to -C 0,176. 
So it was not necessary to override the ideas of growisofs via
option -use-the-force-luke=seek=...

Mounting the DVD+RW shows both files.

So this would be a viable method, too.
One just would have to try ISO 9660 size determination if the MMC
track position inquiry yields 0,0.

Don't forget to check for the magic number of ISO 9660 at the start
of block 16. If the first 6 bytes are not {0x01,'C','D','0','0','1'},
then it is not an ISO 9660 and there is no use in reading the 32 bit
number from byte offset 80.
In this case, no multi-session can be offered to the user.

Have a nice day :)


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