--- Comment #10 from Patrice Kouame <> ---
NOTE: Whereas the crash is fixed.  The shader loader is still not happy.  Check
out my attached log.
Missing version strings in shaders this time around...

For me, running bleeding edge krita master on unpatched Qt5.7 without Nim's
changes required hard coding a format.setVersion(2, 1) .  Seems like even with
4.1 enabled and format.setVersion(3, 2) macOS really just gives you a core 2.1
profile...Avoided the brutal seg.


Test Environment
Krita 3.0.2 beta b9c7f564101b12e4f1a102b79ad588226795cbfe
mac pro 3,1
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 2G
macOS Sierra GM
Xcode 8 Release

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