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--- Comment #9 from Jakub Jamro <> ---

After this feature has been delivered to version 4.8, I am now no longer able
to import QIF statements to a Savings, Credit Card or Cash accounts. While I am
able to change some account types to current, it does not make sense for me to
do so with my credit card account.

I'm not familiar with the code base and it does seem that the QIF !Type: header
is being parsed and interpreted correctly, however this those not seem to be
considered when selecting the statement type which then is used to restrict the
accounts available in the account selection dialog.

Also even if this was considered, I currently have bank exports from my bank
Santander in the UK, which use !Type:Oth L for their Current and Savings
accounts downloads, meaning I would have to manually modify these downloads in
order to be able to select the correct account.

I would propose that actually selecting the correct account type for a
particular QIF is very unreliable as not all banks follow the spec correctly.

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