--- Comment #4 from Manuel Amador (Rudd-O) <> ---
I don't think things further up the stack have the necessary information to
make an informed decision.  The "sound card" of HDMI outs and the video cards
powering them appear as different PCI devices in many cases.  Those layers up
the stack also do not know how to report back to Powerdevil "well, the reason
we are not shutting the screen off, is because HDMI audio is active", primarily
because it is stuff like Powerdevil which is in charge of policy and setting
the right DPMS configuration bits on the X server (I assume something similar
happens in Wayland).

However, if Powerdevil provided an inhibitor (class) that would explicitly
inhibit DPMS — but nothing else, not the screensaver, not screenlock in the
screensaver, not suspend, not hibernate — then a plugin at the PulseAudio level
of the stack can talk to Powerdevil and use that inhibitor class whenever there
is an active HDMI audio stream, which is something that PulseAudio is perfectly
positioned to know about.

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