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(In reply to Dainius Masiliūnas from comment #11)
> If the icon is there in the icon theme, then it might be a Plasma or
> plasma-nm issue.

It's not in the icon theme either.
plasma-nm uses network-flightmode-on/network-flightmode-off and
network-wireless-on/network-wireless-off as icons for the two mentioned
I can find neither of those in the breeze nor oxygen icon themes...

> The network.svgz file itself is provided by
> plasma-framework, hm.

Yes, this is part of the *desktop* theme.

Plasma's behavior is as follows according to my experience:
First, it tries to load the icon from network.svgz (in this case) from the
configured *desktop* theme.
If network.svgz does not exist, it uses network.svgz from the default *desktop*
theme (breeze) instead.
If network.svgz does exist but doesn't contain that specific icon, it tries to
load it from the *icon* theme instead.

So in this case, the icon should also be found if it was part of the icon
theme, but it isn't either.

The main problem is that the Air and Oxygen desktop themes haven't been
updated/adjusted to changes in other parts of Plasma (and plasma-nm), they are

network.svgz was missing completely from those themes for a while, which would
make it work.
IOW, if you delete network.svgz, the icon would show up, taken from breeze.

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