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Thanks for your help.

Ok, so I removed literally *everything* (configuration files, databases etc.)
that had to do with digikam (version 5.1) and started with a fresh install.

- Started digikam.
- digikam asked me for the directory, where I keep me images. I chose a
directory that contained a few PNG files that have never been in contact with
any version of digikam before.
- I kept the rest of the options at their default, i.e. did not change
- Once digikam had started up, I immediately opened the Tag Manager.
- I created two top-level tags.
- I then created two subtags for one of the top-level tags.
- I closed digikam.
- I opened digikam again.
- I opened the Tag Manager again.
- I moved the top-level tag that contained the two subtags to under the other
top-level tag. digikam asked me, if I wanted to "move here". I clicked OK.
- I closed digikam.
- I opened digikam again.
- The changes are reverted! The top-level tag that I moved is back where it

Can you reproduce this? Is there anything else that I can try?

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