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--- Comment #14 from Philippe Waroquiers <> ---
Quickly read the last version of the patch, sorry for entering in the game so

Some comments:

* Typo in the xml documentation:  alocator

* lines like below:  opening brace should be on the same line
+         if (MC_(is_mempool_block)(ch1))
+         {

* for detecting/reporting/asserting the overlap condition
   in case ch1_is_meta != ch2_is_meta, I am wondering if we should not check
   that the non meta block is (fully) inside the meta block.
   It looks to be an error if the non meta block is not fully inside the meta

*  free_mallocs_in_mempool_block : this looks to be an algorithm that will be
    O (n * m)   when n is the nr of malloc-ed blocks, and m is the nr of blocks
    by Start/End address. That might be very slow for big applications, that
allocates millions
    of blocks, e.g. 1 million normal block, and one million blocks in meta
    will take a lot of time to cleanup ?


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