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I have a very similar issue, I will provide details hoping they are related. I
will provide my settings file.

In my case, on AC, suspending is completely disabled, and closing the lid is
set to "Do Nothing". Nevertheless, when I close the lid, laptop suspends.

To answer Kai Uwe:
* Does it only happen when the screen is locked or generally? 
--> in my case, it happens only when I close the lid, even if session is not
* When you set a timeout of, say 1 minute, for AC is that properly respected? 
--> No. No suspend happens unless I close the lid
* When you set a timeout of, say 1 minute, for Battery but disable it for AC,
does it still suspend after 1 minute? I need to figure out if it's actually us
(PowerDevil) suspending or some other system service
--> No, in that case, suspend is not happening

If there is anything I can provide to help nail down the issue, please ask :)

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