Nate Graham <> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
     Ever confirmed|0                           |1
            Version|5.26.90                     |22.12.1
             Status|REPORTED                    |CONFIRMED
            Summary|Settings Tab of Konsole     |"Edit Profile" window's
                   |goes through the panel, due |minimum height is too tall
                   |to which few options are    |to fit within a 1366x768
                   |not visible                 |screen
            Product|kwin                        |konsole
           Assignee|      |
   Target Milestone|4.11                        |---
                 CC|                            |
          Component|activities                  |general

--- Comment #1 from Nate Graham <> ---
Konsole bug; the window's minimum size is set to something too tall, so that it
doesn't fully fit in the screen area with your combination of hardware, screen
resolution, and font size. Moving to Konsole.

Other similar issues are also app bugs; please report them to the apps in
question, not KWin. Thanks!

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