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We've been seeing reports of problems launching snap applications on the Ubuntu
23.04 development release that seem to relate to this race condition. At first
we thought it was only a gnome-shell problem, but some KDE users also
encountered the problem and I discovered the same racy behaviour in kio. The
Ubuntu bug is being tracked here:

The race causes problems for snap applications because it uses cgroups as part
of its sandboxing to control device access. The "snap run" launcher moves
itself to a new cgroup via systemd's StartTransientUnit call, with some later
code setting up the sandbox performing a sanity check to make sure the process
is in the expected cgroup. If kio issues its own StartTransientUnit call after
"snap run"'s one, the sanity check can fail with an error like:

is not a snap cgroup

To remove the race, the child process would need to be moved to the new cgroup
before the application process is started via exec(). It's also not enough to
wait for the StartTransientUnit D-Bus call to complete: you need to wait for
the corresponding JobRemoved signal.

If it is of interest, here's the upstream GNOME bug report I filed (different
code, but implementing the same race condition):

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