--- Comment #7 from Michael Lashkevich <> ---
(In reply to Andrey from comment #5)
> You are right, I'll try to backport it:
> 1148#note_625226

I downloaded plasma 5.27.3 from a third-party repository and found that the
issue has not really been solved. Indeed, if I set keyboard layouts globally,
everything is all right. But if I set keyboard layouts per window (as I usually
do), a new issue appears. Suppose, I have two windows Window1 and Window2. In
Window1 I set Language2 (Russian in my case), while in Window2 I set Language3
(Hebrew). Then I change the focus from Window2 to Window1 and try to change
languages with hot keys in Window1. The result is that the hotkeys for
Language2 and Language3 change their places: Language2 hot key sets Language3
and vice versa.

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