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Git commit 75c7689f678409b594e3f4ed0161aa12f2baf1ec by Jan Grulich.
Committed on 31/03/2023 at 12:31.
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Screencast: fix renegotiation when client fails to use DMABuf modifiers

When client fails to import a DMABuf with a certain modifier, it will
remove it from offerings on his side and offer a new set of modifiers
for us to use. In case the list ends up being small enough that even we
won't be able to use any of the modifiers, we would still keep these
modifiers on our list and offering them to the client. With this we
would end up in a loop renegotiating and never actually fallback to use
MemFD buffers instead. We should also offer modifier-less DMABufs as
in the past. Using these we just need to avoid offering them as they
should be used as the last option.

M  +25   -1    src/plugins/screencast/screencaststream.cpp

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