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So far I've done basic testing on FreeBSD amd64, FreeBSD x86, Linux glibx
amd64, Linux musl amd64 and Illumos. I'll have a go with older Solaris and
macOS at a later date.

A few todos:
Updated the documentation.
Figure out how to add the new user rteq to memcheck.h and include that in

There are a couple of design decisions that I might rework.

1. Lots of stuff is being done in the vg_replace_malloc.c macro wrappers.
Specifically there's a new client request in addition to all of the existing
checks and alignment fixup. This could probably be done differently, moving all
the code to some common functions in replacemalloc_core.c and then doing the
memcheck stuff in the respective wrappers.
2. I've added a tag to the replacement alloc fn macros so that I can have enum
names like AllocKindVecDeleteSizedAligned . I could reuse the string used for
the function name to call, but that would give me enum names like
alloc_kind___builtin_vec_delete_aligned_sized which I find ugly.

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