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(In reply to David Edmundson from comment #2)
> How does changing the starting index help?

Sorry for my late answer! I missed the mail notification. Probably the issue is
fixed with the latest update, I'll watch it.

I experienced the issue as follows:

My simple Setup: [monitor] -- [primary notebook display]

Some window rules place application windows depending if monitor is connected
or not.
Most applications I want to place on my primary display, which are by default
on screen index 0.
As additional screens are connected, I consider them secondary and tertiary for
example (index 1 and 2)
Once I had to disconnect and reconnect the monitor for some reason.
So it happened that suddenly my primary applications where placed on my
secondary monitor.
I did reconnect the monitor several times, and the window rule indices where
interpreted randomly.
I think it has something to do with the new taskbar display configuration
feature (unify, extend left, extend right)
because as I played arround with its settings, the display indices changed back
as expected.

So I assume that primary display should be guaranteed to be index 0. Index 1,
2, n should extend 
to right or left depending on the taskbar display configuration, right?

Maybe you can reproduce the bug, I'll keep an eye on it and report. thanks!

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