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Ran tumbleweed updates on my thinkpad 2023-03-22, systemsettings5 updated to
5.27.3-1.2.  Happened to look at the Advanced Power Settings yesterday, the
Charge Limit section stayed displayed!  And my battery was all charged up to
100%, so apparently at some point since my last comment above, it started
behaving like i'd never changed the settings.  So i re-entered similar
settings, this time stop charging at 67% and start at 33%.  And now as usual
again, when i revisit Advanced Power Settings, the Charge Limit section
disappears in a flash.  Today the battery's charge has sagged down to 96% so i
expect like before my Charge Limit settings will be honored even tho not
displayed.  No idea why they'd gotten forgotten in the meantime tho, perhaps
something to do with package updates.

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