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Git commit 7bff5123264ab1f3122294c95bd1fab40fb0a6d3 by ivan tkachenko.
Committed on 31/03/2023 at 22:59.
Pushed by ratijas into branch 'kf5'.

CheckIndicator: Allow exclusive buttons to be detected via their ButtonGroup

This is a bit wasteful, as it creates a ButtonGroup attached object for
every menu item that does not have it. But it works. Unfortunately,
there is no better approach, as if ButtonGroup is bound to an item
later than this binding is established, we won't know about it.

All components using CheckIndicator, except MenuItem, were modified to
override this new more advanced heuristic with a fixed elementType, so
they don't waste memory on attached objects, and always have
predictable appearance.

See also:

M  +1    -0    org.kde.desktop/CheckBox.qml
M  +1    -0    org.kde.desktop/CheckDelegate.qml
M  +6    -1    org.kde.desktop/CheckIndicator.qml
M  +1    -0    org.kde.desktop/RadioButton.qml
M  +1    -0    org.kde.desktop/RadioDelegate.qml
A  +135  -0    tests/exclusive-menuitem.qml     [License: GPL(v2.0+)

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