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Alright, an interesting development has occured. I've changed the layout of the
monitors, because I replaced the monitor arm so my monitors are one above
another. This seem to have fixed the issue with swapping primary monitor

I've had it like this since last Saturday, and the plasma taskbar stays where
it's supposed to. So..... to anyone reading this: changing monitor layout or
swapping DP cables seem to have helped.

This is what the kscreen-doctor output looks like
Output: 1 DP-2 enabled connected priority 1 DisplayPort Modes: 0:3440x1440@60!
1:3440x1440@165 2:3440x1440@144* 3:3440x1440@120 4:3440x1440@100 5:3440x1440@75
6:2560x1440@120 7:1920x1200@60 8:1920x1080@120 9:1920x1080@100 10:1920x1080@60
11:1920x1080@60 12:1680x1050@60 13:1600x900@60 14:1280x1024@60 15:1440x900@60
16:1280x800@60 17:1280x720@60 18:1280x720@60 19:1024x768@60 20:800x600@60
21:720x480@60 22:640x480@60 23:640x480@60 Geometry: 0,1440 3440x1440 Scale: 1
Rotation: 1 Overscan: 0 Vrr: Never RgbRange: unknown
Output: 2 DP-3 enabled connected priority 2 DisplayPort Modes: 0:2560x1440@60!
1:2560x1440@144* 2:1920x1200@60 3:1920x1080@60 4:1920x1080@60 5:1920x1080@50
6:1600x1200@60 7:1680x1050@60 8:1280x1024@75 9:1280x1024@60 10:1280x800@60
11:1152x864@75 12:1280x720@60 13:1280x720@60 14:1280x720@50 15:1024x768@75
16:1024x768@60 17:800x600@75 18:800x600@60 19:720x576@50 20:720x480@60
21:640x480@75 22:640x480@60 23:640x480@60 Geometry: 480,0 2560x1440 Scale: 1
Rotation: 1 Overscan: 0 Vrr: Never RgbRange: unknown

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