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well, seems nobody has interest in solving this, I can understand that there
are not much people using it, but since kdeconnect is there it should work,

in fact, it doesn't seem to have a reconnect routine and that should be

a cmd line like "/usr/bin/kdeconnect-cli -n Moto E7 --refresh" does it, but for
some reason I can not automate it, I believe that is so because udev runs as
root and the command needs to be run as the user 

inside the script to be run from udev_rule  (as root) this command should, but
is not working
su hm -c  '/usr/bin/kdeconnect-cli "-n Moto E7 --refresh"'
the options are interpreted as two, or as a diretcory depends on how I set the

that's in my udev_rules file
KERNEL=="rndis_host", ACTION=="add", ENV{ID_SERIAL}=="0e8d:2005",

the kernel event in my case:

rndis_host 1-2:1.0 usb0: register 'rndis_host' at usb-0000:00:12.2-2, RNDIS
device, 5a:c0:6b:31:9a:5c
rndis_host 1-2:1.0 enx5ac06b319a5c: renamed from usb0

the kdeconnect reconnect should run after the renaming of usb0, the device ID
"enx*' is random

if somebody here has a better idea or knows how to make it work from udev, it
would be nice


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