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I created them in the normal Settings -> Shortcuts -> Custom Shortcuts.
I created a New Global Shortcut -> Keyboard Input
Email address is like:
  M:Y:E:M:A:I:L:Shift+2:G:M:A:I:L:.:C:O:M  (that first 'm' never gets sent)
 Meta+Ctrl+Shift+j (j for jaggz)

With the following information, from my testing, it seems it Might have
something to do with the modifier keys used in the trigger...

I have another keyboard input shortcut (created like normal, and assigned to a
single key on my keyboard; ie. no modifiers);
this shortcut sends out "^A^A"  (I use it so a single key can toggle my tmux
panes).  Thus, its entry in the shortcut's action area is:
When I use it I get an 'a' (letter) output into Konsole.  Actually what it
sends out is the 'a' followed by a ^A.
So it seems the initial "Ctrl" in the shortcut action is being lost somehow. 
Notice the first letter of those other macros is being lost.
But, if I use the keystroke again it works fine, even if I type normal things
It'll keep working after that, until I use one of the Meta+Ctrl+Shift
shortcuts. If I use one of them, this single-key assigned to ^A^A puts out  the
a^A again.

Another note: I made a new hotkey T:E:S:T, assigned to a single key on the
keyboard.  It outputs fine.  And the single key for ^A^A works after it too.
So, it does seem like something with the modifier keys in the other macros
might be related.

Also, they don't look weird in khotkeysrc:

Uuid={.....uuid here.....}


So, it seems these modifier sequences somehow mess something up.

Last note: the email outputs (using modifiers) never work.  They *always* skip
the first letter no matter what I've tried.

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